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"WE", the AREVA group employees' network holds its first meeting

News brief


February 15, 2008

AREVA's "WE" network held its first meeting in the group's head office in rue La Fayette, Paris.

The network was created by AREVA employees in France in 2007 and now has 150 members who meet regularly to exchange their views on equal opportunities between men and women. A network is also taking shape in Germany.

Anne Lauvergeon, CEO of AREVA was present at the meeting, which provided an opportunity to present the various proposals and ideas resulting from the workshops held in 2007:

  • work/life balance,

  • male/female parity in teams,

  • mentoring for women,

  • using gender equality progress indicators,

  • networking.

"WE's" ambition for 2008 is to see its proposals come into force and for networks to springing up in other countries.

The next "WE" meeting is already scheduled for early 2009.