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AREVA will bid for EPRs in Ontario, Canada

News brief


March 14, 2008

AREVA is pleased to have been selected by the Government of Ontario, Canada, to participate in its "Request For Proposal" process to choose a nuclear reactor vendor.

AREVA will work on a detailed offer in which the group will propose to build its Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR).

Ontario's nuclear ambition is part of a 20-year energy plan focusing on minimizing green house gas emissions while ensuring a reliable and cost-effective power supply for Canada's industrial heartland.

With 18 power plants in operation, nuclear represents 50% of Ontario's electricity mix.

Thanks to its EPR that offers advanced third generation technological features and experience gained from projects underway in Finland and France, AREVA is particularly well positioned on Canada's promising nuclear market.

The group is deeply rooted in the country where it employs over 850 people. Its local activities range from uranium mining in Saskatchewan to transmission and distribution in Québec.