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AREVA launches 2008 U.S. ad campaign

News brief


May 23, 2008

On Monday, May 26, AREVA kicks off its 2008 U.S. ad campaign aimed at U.S. opinion leaders.

The campaign will run in two phases: May 26 - June 29 and August 25 - September 30.

The television and online campaign features the 30-second commercial that illustrates the complementarity of the group's businesses. The campaign also includes sponsorship of NPR's "Marketplace", "Anderson Cooper 360o" (CNN), and "The Big Idea" (CNBC).

The new press ad focuses on climate change and energy security, spotlighting AREVA's innovations and technologies in both CO2-free energy production, and electricity transmission and distribution. In addition to reinforcing AREVA's leadership in its field, the ad also reminds us that the group, with more than 5,000 American employees, has a strong economic footprint in the United States.

A new brand signature

The 2008 U.S. ad campaign provides AREVA with the opportunity to promote its new brand signature: "AREVA. Pure energy.".

This simple, easy-to-remember expression makes explicit reference to the group's field of activity. It clearly reflects the fact that energy is at the heart of all AREVA's businesses and shows that the group is involved in providing solutions for CO2-free energy production. It also reflects the dynamic culture of the group, which unites and mobilizes AREVA's 65,000 employees.

"AREVA. Pure energy." is the voice-over for the commercial and is displayed at the end along with the logo. It is also framed on the screen during programs sponsored by the group for the campaign.