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All about nuclear energy - from Atom to Zirconium

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June 11, 2008

Understanding everything about nuclear energy: that's what this book sets out to do. It provides an overview of energy and electricity, deals with nuclear reactors, the fuel cycle, radiaoctive waste management, nuclear safety and public information.

This new edition, put together by a group of AREVA employees, was completely revised and new topics were added, such as nuclear facility decommissioning, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and thermonuclear fusion. Avalaible in French and English, in hard copy and DVD-Rom with a selection of photos and videos.

Contributors: A. Le Dars, A. Acker, B. Barré, A. Bucaille, G. Ellia, Ph. Garderet, D. Grenèche, M. Jamard, Y. Kaluzny, M. Watteau.


1. Energy and Electricity: An Overview
2. Nuclear energy basics and applications
3. Nuclear reactors
4. The nuclear fuel cycle
5. Radioactive waste management and nuclear facility decommissioning
6. Nuclear safety and public information
7. Nuclear weapons Non-Proliferation
8. Thermonuclear fusion: A new source of energy to meet our growing needs