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AREVA multiplies its recruitment operations around the world

News brief


June 25, 2008

  • A new recruit every forty-five minutes!

In 2008, AREVA hired 12,000 new talents to strengthen its teams and accompany its expanding international development. Within this context of strong growth, AREVA's subsidiaries continue to organize major recruiting events around the globe.

Recruitment operations always strive to meet the same goals: familiarize the public with AREVA, establish direct contact with candidates and present the group to them personally, explain AREVA's business activities and discuss career development possibilities .

Here are some recruitment events around the world:


  • Second recruitment day held in Erlangen (May 9th): More than 80 candidates came to the event.
  • Hanover international job fair held on 21-25 April: over 2,500 visitors plus 800 students came to T&D's stand to meet with the operational managers of the Automation, Services and Products Business Units and also to discover their products.


AREVA recruitment day in Shanghai held on May 30th: Over 1,000 positions must be filled in this country before the end of the year. About 500 candidates were attended, and around 100 persons were interviewed for the 57 positions that need to be filled.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre held on April 15-17th: 217 businesses, of the approximately 100 candidates who met with T&D representatives,

20 are expected to join the group in the near future.

United States

Several events held around the United States (Lynchburg, Charlotte, Washington DC, New Orleans…). Their recruiting operations are largely focused on recruitment days for ex-military personnel looking for jobs in the private sector and on specialist job fairs for candidates with experience.


  • Student Encounters at Pierrelatte and Romans,
  • "Alternance" Forum at the Tricastin site,
  • The "1,000 Jobs for You Right Next Door" operation in the Saône-et-Loire Département.

These events are always preceded by a widely-advertised information campaign: email messages, posters put up in schools, universities and in public employment and training agencies, announcements via regional media and websites.


Milan: The best recruitment path in this European country remains that of the universities, where AREVA meets with students and new graduates. T&D thus participated in the first "Career Day" held at the Politecnico di Milano (Institute of Technology in Milan), where over 90 businesses were represented. AREVA met with around 100 candidates via this initial campus-organized incentive.