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AREVA Selects Name for news U.S. Enrichment Facility: "Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility"

News brief


August 04, 2008

On last May, AREVA announced that a site in Bonneville County, Idaho, had been selected for the company's proposed new U.S. uranium enrichment facility. Last week, AREVA announced the name of that facility in recognition of its symbolism and significance to the surrounding community of Idaho Falls.

"We chose the name Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility for several reasons," said Mike McMurphy, President of AREVA Inc. "The eagle represents America's strength, and a reminder of our strength as we move towards greater clean energy security, while the rock represents endurance and quality. Also, the name embodies an important connection with the history of Idaho Falls, whose early name was Eagle Rock."

The new state-of-the-art facility will represent a multi-billion dollar investment that will create hundreds of high-skilled jobs during the construction and operations phases. The Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility will enrich uranium for nuclear power plants using a process proven safe and effective over the past three decades.