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New group publication: "A future for nuclear sites beyond their service life"

News brief


October 16, 2008

The Nuclear Site Value Development Business Unit has just put out a new publication titled “A future for nuclear sites beyond their service life”. The brochure is clear and instructive. In just a few pages, it explains AREVA’s projects and expertise in decommissioning back-end nuclear facilities (recycling plants).

The number of cleanup and dismantling projects is set to rise steadily in the years ahead, AREVA considers nuclear site value development as a fully-fledged industrial activity.

Created at the beginning of 2008, the Nuclear site value development BU encompasses all activities that ensue when an end-of-life nuclear facility is taken out of service, including shutdown, decontamination and dismantling of all facilities and non-reusable equipment, and site cleanup.

In this way, developing the value of disused sites will free up space for future industrial projects, nuclear or non-nuclear, in compliance with its sustainable development commitments.