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Renewable: Alpha Ventus offshore project - first AREVA turbine installed

News brief


July 22, 2009

The first AREVA 5 MW turbine has been installed 45 kilometers off the island of Borkum in Alpha Ventus, the first German offshore wind park.

After the successful installation of the six foundation structures between April 17 and June 1, the installation team sailed out with the first two tower sections on June 14. Installation was completed on July 3.

The last tower section, the nacelle and the rotor were then loaded onto a new barge, "JB 114", on Sunday July 12 and reached the Alpha Ventus site early on Monday morning. It took nearly a day to jack up the barge. The team then proceeded to install the last tower section. The nacelle was lifted into position at 6 am on Tuesday July 14. Rotor erection began at 4pm and by 10 pm the very first turbine was in place, towering 148 m above the waterline.

Turbine erection was carried out in accordance with the design standard for offshore wind turbines of the German Federal Maritime and Hydrography Office. Preparation for commissioning has also been completed.

The first two tower sections – S2 (94 t) and S3 (180 t) - of the other five turbines were also installed between June 14 and July 3.

Project Manager Michael Klingele said: "We are very optimistic and well prepared for installation of the next five turbines."