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November 23, 2009

As the date of the Climate Conference in Copenhagen looms, AREVA brings its support the November 23-26 Planetworkshops in Deauville, an occasion to review a number of sustainable development issues and consider a balanced response as we emerge from the economic crisis.

In 2006, convinced that sustainable development is an integral part of our planet’s future, journalist Éric Bazin and former director of the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune, George J. Gendelman, founded the Planetworkshops. In the three years since, they have been joined by a number of international experts eager to:

  • contribute to the deliberations on sustainable development;
  • lobby decision-makers;
  • carry out concrete initiatives in support of sustainable development;
  • channel communication between political figures, economists, scientists and the media;
  • promote cooperation between the public and private arenas.

Ready for action

One of the events at the three-day Planetworkshops in Deauville, France is a Global Conference that brings representatives from the scientific, economic, business and political spheres together to brain-storm on potential solutions to the financial, environmental, food and moral crises facing us and to work towards a new equilibrium.

As a partner to this event, AREVA will speak about the constraints that hamper the international community and some potential courses of action. How can we respond to the limited energy resource situation (particularly for oil), to the challenge of population growth, or to predictions of climate-related migration?

These are all issues that will be discussed, along with subjects like raising awareness on sustainable development issues among suburban youth; ecomobility (responsible transportation); our disappearing biodiversity; eliminating fiscal paradises; and, more generally, sustainable development issues in emerging countries.

Jean-Pol Poncelet, head of the AREVA group’s Sustainable Development and Continuous Improvement Department, had this to say: "In anticipation of the Copenhagen Climate Summit in Denmark, the Planetworkshops will provide a place for quality deliberations, due to the presence of a broad range of experts and representatives from the international community. This promises some lively and informed debates."