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EURIWARE reveals its embedded systems expertise to Savannah River-United States



December 03, 2009

The joint-venture Shaw AREVA MOX Services (70% Shaw’s Environmental & Infrastructure Group and 30% AREVA), to whom the Department Of Energy (DOE) contracted to design, build and operate a Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Fabrication Facility at the Savannah River site (United States)*, relies, undoubtedly, on EURIWARE control command ability.

To ensure the highest standards of safety, and security, as well as quality (tracking and MOX compliance), EURIWARE will conceive a comprehensive IT solutions entirely dedicated to control command (including security systems), production and nuclear materials (MC&A)** management.

EURIWARE will conceive, complete, integrate, and conduct on site the software of control-command trials. This embedded system meets IEEE*** and NUREG**** quality regulations and comply with federal and DEO regulations.

It comprises three major components: production control and management systems backed with supervision tools, and control command, the production and nuclear Materials Management Information System (MMIS), and finally the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

The system represents a total of 83 automates, 74 supervisors, 13 security automates, 33 PC for processes measure, 23 PC for labs, 111 mechanical automation standards, 53 chemical automation standards, LIMS and MMIS solutions, and a database storing system.

"The MOX project is, by no means, a significant challenge that we have ever undertaken. This is a proof of recognition of EURIWARE expertise on embedded systems acquired and mastered consciously by our teams on designing and implementing these solutions either in AREVA main sites, or in France.This demonstrates the ability of EURIWARE to broadly transfer its expertise to accommodate the American market on a major international project", said Jean-Marie Jolivet, Head Manager of Industrial and technical Systems Division at EURIWARE.

* Savannah River plants’ major task is primarily to convert the MOX fuel from US surplus weapon-usable Plutonium, and secondly to recycle the material in nuclear reactors for commercial use.
** Material Control & Accounting
*** Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
**** Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulation