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May 02, 2006

  • Frédéric LEMOINE renewed as Chairman for 5 years
  • Appointment of new Supervisory Board members

On May 2, 2006, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders appointed new members of AREVA's Supervisory Board to replace a majority of the members whose terms had expired.

Mr. Frédéric LEMOINE was confirmed as Chairman of the Supervisory Board during the Board meeting held immediately after the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and the following members joined the Board:

  • Guylaine SAUCIER, Administrator of several groups;
  • Oscar FANJUL, Vice Chairman and CEO of Omega Capital;
  • Philippe FAURE, Secretary General of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Philippe Pradel, Director of Nuclear Energy at the CEA.

The members of the Supervisory Board are now as follows:


  • Frédéric LEMOINE

Vice Chairman

  • Alain BUGAT


  • Bruno Bezard, Patrick Buffet, Thierry Desmarest, Oscar Fanjul, Philippe Faure, Dominique Maillard, Philippe Pradel, Luc Rousseau, Guylaine Saucier ; CEA represented by Olivier Pagezy; Jean-Claude Bertrand, Gérard Melet and Alain Vivier-Merle, members elected by the college of employees; Christophe Xerri, representing the single delegation of AREVA personnel, participates in the meetings in an advisory capacity.


  • Frédéric LEMOINE
    Mr. Frédéric Lemoine is a graduate of École des Hautes Études Commerciales, of Institut d'Études Politiques of Paris and of École Nationale d'Administration.
    He is a former Deputy CEO of Groupe Capgemini and former Deputy Secretary General of the Cabinet of the French President (2002-2004).
    Mr. Lemoine was first elected Chairman of AREVA's Supervisory Board on March 8, 2005. He is also Chairman of Groupama's Audit Committee and Senior Advisor to McKinsey.

  • Guylaine SAUCIER
    Ms. Guylaine Saucier is a certified public accountant and a graduate of HEC Montreal. She is a former Chairman and CEO of Groupe Gérard Saucier (1975-1989).
    Ms. Saucier is a director of several groups.
    She is a director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Altran and a director of Petro Canada, Axa Insurance Inc., Banque de Montréal and CHC Helicopter Corp.

  • Oscar FANJUL
    Mr. Oscar Fanjul holds a PhD in economics of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and is a visiting scholar to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    He is a former Vice Minister for Industry in the Spanish government (1983-1984) and the founder, Chairman and CEO of Repsol (1986-1996). He later became Chairman of Hidroelectrica del Cantabrico.
    Oscar Fanjul is Vice Chairman and CEO of Omega Capital.
    He is a director of Lafarge, the London Stock Exchange, Marsh & McLennan, Acerinox and Technidas Reunidas.

  • Philippe FAURE
    Mr. Faure is a graduate of Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris and of École Nationale d'Administration.

    A career diplomat, he spent fifteen years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, first in the Department of African affairs and Madagascar, then as assistant to the Secretary General and finally as Counselor in the cabinet of the Foreign Minister.

    He later became Director of the Press and Information Office of the French Embassy in Washington DC before joining the French Embassy in Madrid as Minister Counselor (through 1990). For a period of ten years, he managed private companies in the media and finance sectors (insurance, fund management, management consulting). He was a director of Radio Monte Carlo, Havas and Henkel. He returned to the diplomatic arena in September 2000 as Ambassador of France to Mexico and then to Rabat (September 2004-March 2006). Mr. Faure became Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 17, 2006.

  • Philippe PRADEL
    Mr. Pradel is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées (ENSTA). He started his career in 1980 in the Fast Reactor department (DRNR) of the CEA at Cadarache. In 1982, he became Head of the technology and thermal research laboratory of the DRNR. He joined AREVA NC (formerly Cogema) in 1987 as Head of the Extraction-Vitrification department at the La Hague UP3 plant. He later became Technical Director and Director of the Reprocessing Branch, then Director of the Treatment Business Unit and, since January 1, 2003, Head of the Back End Division and member of AREVA NC's Executive Committee.
    Since January 1, 2005, Philippe Pradel is Director of Nuclear Energy at the CEA.

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