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Preparation of the fourth MOX maritime transport to Japan

Press release


February 08, 2010

 A transport of MOX fuel from France to Japan is now under preparation.

In agreement with the Governments of the three involved countries of Japan, France and the United Kingdom, in coherence with their transparency engagement and for obvious security reasons, the communication related to this MOX transport operation will be carried out in the following way by the two industrial Companies of Japan (KYUSHU Electric Power Company and KANSAI Electric Power Company), by AREVA in France and by INS in the United Kingdom,:

-> More detailed information related to the transport operations will be disclosed in the hours prior to the beginning of the loading operations
-> The confirmation of departure from France to Japan, as well as the maritime route to be used and the approximate timing of arrival in the Japanese territorial waters, will be made public the day after the departure.

A similar information is being set up in Japan by KYUSHU Electric Power Company and KANSAI Electric Power Company at the same time and in the United Kingdom by INS.

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