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AREVA track and field partner: positive first-year results

News brief


February 24, 2010

As the 2010 season starts, AREVA has seen positive results from the first year of its track and field partnerships, and presents the first of the year’s events in which it will be taking part.

 AREVA’s involvement with track and field aims to build up the group’s image and bring the brand closer to stakeholders.

A survey by TNS Sofres, conducted in July 2009, showed a 7% increase in positive opinions among the general public after the MEETING AREVA and the “Energize the Athlete in You” advertising campaign. 

The AREVA brand also saw increases in its positive public perception in the areas of likeability (+5%), consumer closeness (+4%), commitment (+5%), responsibility (+6%) and dynamism (9%), thanks to this partnership, which places human values at the heart of performance. 

The high point of AREVA’s track and field investments was the successful first edition of the MEETING AREVA on July 17, 2009:

  • 50,000 spectators in the stands at the Stade de France
  • Over 600,000 television viewers
  • 1,100 press articles, representing a 70% increase on 2008
  • 1 in 3 French people recognized the MEETING AREVA by name

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Director of Communications and AREVA group spokesperson said, “In 2009, the group established itself as a legitimate player in the track and field world, and we are very pleased with the results. This year, as part of AREVA’s policy of continuous progress, we hope to do even better in sharing our energy and emotions with as many people as possible to improve the appeal of the AREVA brand and of track and field sports in general.”

AREVA will be participating in several events in order to achieve this goal and promote brand proximity: 

  • As a partner of the French Track and Field Federation, AREVA will be present at all French Championship events, focusing particularly on:
  • The Elite Indoor French Championships at the Bercy Palais Omnisports in Paris on February 27-28. Athletes including Christine Arron, Teddy Tamgho and Teresa Nzola Meso Ba will be signing autographs at the AREVA stand.
  • The French Cross Country Championships in la Roche-sur-Yon on March 7, where 5,000 athletes will be competing.
  • The Mixed Pole Vault Competition organized by Jean Galfione at Stade Charléty in Paris on March 2. This will be the world’s first mixed competition and will bring together the best French pole vaulters and a selection of international athletes.

At each event, an AREVA stand will provide the public with information about the group’s activities and commitment to track and field.

These events will also be used to promote the new digital platform, featuring audio-visual programs and exclusive editorial content that give an insight into the lives of the athletes and behind-the-scenes reporting.

AREVA track and field partner in France
AREVA’s move to invest in track and field events is due to a shared energy and enthusiasm. The group has created a wide range of partnerships to support the development of the track and field discipline in France. The partnership program will be rolled out progressively until 2012. A true "people’s sport" of universal appeal, track and field is also a highly challenging discipline which places human values at the heart of performance. AREVA’s partnership program is focused around four central areas: the Meeting AREVA, the French Track and Field Federation, the French National Track and Field League and, increasingly, and increasingly the track and field environment outside competition.