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AREVA signs several fuel supply contracts in Germany

Press Release


July 12, 2012

AREVA has signed three contracts with the German utilities RWE1 and EnBW2 for the supply of fuel assemblies.

The first two contracts signed with RWE cover the manufacture and the supply of ATRIUMTM and HTPTM 3 fuel assemblies, respectively for Gundremmingen (Bavaria) and Emsland (Lower Saxony) nuclear power plants, until late 2015.

AREVA has also concluded a contract with EnBW regarding the manufacture and the delivery of HTPTM fuel assemblies for the reactor 2 of Philippsburg (Baden-Württemberg) nuclear power plant, between 2014 and 2017.

These fuel assemblies will be manufactured by AREVA on its Lingen site located in Germany.

Stefan vom Scheidt, AREVA Germany Managing Director, declared: "these contracts are a new evidence of the historic relationship forged between AREVA and its German customers. They provide AREVA with a clearer picture of its production schedule and confirm its leading position in nuclear fuel delivery”.


1 RWE: Rheinisch Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk
2 EnBW: Energie Baden - Württemberg
3 ATRIUMTM: fuel assembly supplied by AREVA to utilities operating the BWR reactors worldwide.
HTPTM: one of the designs of fuel assemblies supplied by AREVA to utilities operating the PWR reactors worldwide.

Field Report #2: Operations performance: Fuel Reliability

Field Report #2: Operations performance: Fuel Reliability

Close collaboration secures fuel performance and reliability. We share a common goal with our customers: to harness the highest level of expertise, innovation and in-reactor experience feedback for safe and successful fuel operation, no matter how tough the conditions may be.

Field Report #6: Fuel Security of Supply

Field Report #6: Fuel Security of Supply

The context has changed, but tensions in the marketplace may remain between fuel cycle supply and demand. For utilities, that means that securing fuel supply is more than ever a daunting challenge.

This goal is reachable with AREVA’s unique investments in a diversified supply chain of uranium and fuel cycle services.


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