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South Africa: AREVA submits ambitious global offer

Press release


January 31, 2008

  • Two EPRs for the “Nuclear 1” program
  • AREVA as consortium leader alongside AVENG, Bouygues and EDF
  • Preliminary studies into a long-term fleet
AREVA submitted its bid in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) following the “Invitation to Negotiate” issued by ESKOM in November 2007.

The South African call relates to two separate proposals. The first, known as “Nuclear-1”, is for the construction of a nuclear power plant ranging between 3,000 and 3,500 MWe, for which a response is required by 31 January 2008. The second, known as “Fleet”, deals with the preliminary elements relating to the potential construction of a 20,000 MWe fleet by 2025 and for which a response is required later in 2008.

AREVA is proposing a global partnership to the RSA and ESKOM covering the construction of EPR reactors and the joint development of a South African nuclear industry.

The first element of this partnership covers the construction of two EPRs within the scope of the “Nuclear-1” program and possibly 10 others within the scope of “Fleet” program.

To carry out this project, AREVA is heading a consortium bringing together South African engineering and construction group AVENG, the construction group Bouygues and electricity group EDF. Should it opt for the EPR, ESKOM will be able to take full advantage of its advanced third generation technological features and the experience gained from projects currently underway in Finland and France.

The second element of the partnership relates to the long-term development of South Africa's nuclear industry. AREVA plans to invest alongside national players. In addition, the group offers its expertise in all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle.

This ambitious proposal is in keeping with the group's desire to remain a longstanding partner of ESKOM and the RSA in the nuclear field. The group built the two nuclear reactors currently in operation on the Koeberg site and holds a 51% stake in Lesedi, a Black Economic Empowerment company, specializing in services to plants.


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