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AREVA Solidarity 2012: focus on school renovation and construction projects

News brief


April 23, 2013

Les Rameaux Verts - Primary school, Olindiapet (India)

The AREVA Solidarity 2012 internal program, set up by the AREVA Foundation, has enabled the selection of 18 projects, amongst which five focus on the construction and renovation of schools in India, Niger and the USA.

These projects have seen the construction of new classrooms, the refurbishment of existing buildings or the renovation of dilapidated facilities. All this work aims to help children from underprivileged areas, living in difficult-to-access places, and to allow them to receive a school education or improve their daily living conditions.

To date, several worksites have begun, and some are at an advanced stage:

  • Extension and renovation of a primary school in Zanskar, India with the support of the AAZ association
  • Extension of a primary school in Olindiapet, India with the support of the Rameaux Verts association
  • Reconstruction of a primary school in Moli Haoussa, Niger with the support of the AB association
  • Construction and equipment of a classroom in a kindergarten in Arlit, Niger with the support of the SAHEL association
  • Renovation of a school for children with learning disabilities in Lynchburg with the support of the New Vistas School association.