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AREVA signs three new partnerships and confirms its disability commitments

Press release


October 04, 2007

Following on from the European equal opportunities agreement (November 2006) and the group agreement in France on providing jobs for the disabled (May 2007), the group has now signed three partnerships to reinforce its commitments:

  • Partner agreement with the Ecole des Mines in Alès, through which AREVA will support research into technologies that will benefit the disabled. This agreement also includes internships for engineering students in group entities, as well as support for the school's research lab and help to disabled people in starting up companies.

  • Partner agreement with the federation of French networks for professional retraining (FAGERH), notably including AREVA's commitment to developing work training for the disabled, as well as providing internships in the group and maintaining jobs.

  • Partner agreement with the French network of work assistance facilities and services (GESAT), supporting AREVA's purchasing policy regarding the “protected” sector, and providing for €10 million of business by 2009.
To carry out these actions and meet its objectives regarding hiring (90 recruits), work experience (90 interns) and work training, AREVA has set up a network of around 100 local "disability contacts", which held its first meeting at a national convention in Avignon, on September 26-27, 2007.

Philippe Vivien, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, described the agreements as "a major step in our commitment to diversity, and one that must involve every AREVA site and country where the group is present, because only by us all taking part we can make the project a success."


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