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Clean-up activity around the world

AREVA's cleanup activity provides nuclear operators global service offers, allowing them to work in a safe and clean nuclear environment. These services are carried out mainly through human resources deployed on the national level, at customer locations. This business unit provides services to nearly all French nuclear sites.

Image of a machine being lifted in the Gravelines plant

ESI: cleanup activities

ESI, based in the north, offers specialized maintenance: nuclear services, industrial cleaning, maintenance of lifting equipment...

Maintenance operation on piping

GADS: from maintenance to worksite assistance

A subsidiary of STMI based in Ain, GADS offers services in specialized maintenance, industrial operator functions and worksite assistance.

Rear view of a man in the process of testing for radioactivity

Gamma Assistance: consulting and assistance

Gamma Assistance offers technical assistance services in the field of radiation protection. It is located in the greater Paris area.

Image of a man performing a radiation protection inspection on filters

MSIS: cleanliness and safety of worksites

MSIS performed inspections on nuclear sites for the cleanliness and safety of work environments. It is located in the greater Paris area.

Image a man in front of decontamination equipment

POLINORSUD: logistical and support services

POLINORSUD offers general services and logistical support for nuclear installations. It is located in the Central region.

Image of a low-level waste processing hall

STMI: specialist in nuclear cleanup

Specializing in nuclear cleanup, STMI serves as an industrial operator with CEA and Andra. It is located in the greater Paris area.

Image of two men in the process of preparing the transport hull of a container

TRIHOM: professional nuclear training

TRIHOM specializes in professional training in the nuclear domain. It is located in the Central region.


Cadarache, an exemplary cleanup operation

Cleanup activities cover all the services needed to ensure that nuclear operators work in clean and safe surroundings. The leader on this market in France, AREVA has been cleaning its Cadarache unit (Bouches-du-Rhône Département) since 2008.