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Logistics operations worldwide

The Logistics business unit is responsible for the design and manufacture of specialized containers for transportation and storage of radioactive materials. It also manages the organization of transportation for nuclear materials. The international scale of its operations requires a presence in the 3 major world regions: in Europe, with AREVA TN, in the United States, with AREVA TN Americas and in Japan, with TN Tokyo.

Dry storage of used fuel assemblies

AREVA TN: secure packing and transport

AREVA TN is the leader on the world market in packing and transportation of nuclear materials. The company is based in Yvelines.

nUF6 Transport

TN Tokyo: secure packing and transport

the design specialist in Japan for transport and storage casks

Installation of a package before transport

LMC: logistics of radioactive materials

LMC's core activity is the provision of logistics services for the transportation of radioactive materials. It is based in the Manche region of France.

Image of a container parking lot

TN Americas : Nuclear Transport and Used Fuel Solutions

TN Americas is the American market leader in dry storage for used fuel. Its headquarters is in Columbia, USA.

Return of used fuel to Japan with the PNTL Pacific Heron

PNTL: maritime transport of nuclear materials

Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd specializes in maritime transport of nuclear materials. It is based in the United Kingdom.