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The Recycling business around the world

The Recycling business unit processes and recycles spent nuclear fuels. It extracts new energy resources and renders end waste in a safe, stable condition on behalf of customers in the power generation market. The business unit’s operations are principally based around 2 industrial sites in France: AREVA La Hague (the Manche region of France), for the processing of used fuel and end waste, and AREVA MELOX (Gard region), for the production of MOX (mixture of oxides) nuclear fuel assemblies.

Aerial view of the used fuel processing plant at the La Hague facility

La Hague: recycling used fuel

AREVA La Hague is the world’s leading center for the industrial recycling of nuclear used fuel. The site is located in the Manche region of France.

View of the facade of the MELOX plant

MELOX: production of MOX fuels

The MELOX plant, located in the Gard region of France, manufactures MOX fuel assemblies designed to supply light water reactors.

The MOX project in the United States

Savannah River (USA)

The United States of America has used New AREVA's technology as part of a project to build a MOX fuel fabrication plant. This technology transfer agreement signed between New AREVA and the US Department of Energy aims to reduce a stockpile of plutonium of military origin and use it for civilian purposes by using it in MOX fuel, thus immobilizing the excess nuclear weapons materials. This plant, known as the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility (MFFF), is located on the Savannah River site in South Carolina. Construction began on August 1, 2007 and is now more than 70% complete.