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Nuclear site value development around the world

AREVA's nuclear site value development operations comprise the design and follow-up of dismantling operations to enable the reuse of former nuclear sites. Occurring at the end of the operational cycle of these sites, value development gives sites a second life.

Aerial view of the Marcoule site

Marcoule: research and industry

At the AREVA Marcoule site, the French Commissariat a l’Énergie Atomique (the CEA or Atomic Energy Commission) is co-located with industrial clean-up operations and Nuclear Site Value Development operatives. It is located in the Gard region of France.

Aerial view of crops near the Hanford site

AREVA Hanford: clean-up and dismantling

AREVA is supplying a team of specialists in nuclear site clean-up to participate in the dismantling of the Hanford site in the United States.

Photograph of the MOX fuel production plant in Cadarache

Cadarache: a site undergoing transformation

Formerly a MOX production plant, AREVA Cadarache, located in Bouches-du-Rhône, is now performing the clean-up and dismantling of its installations.