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Clean-up business activities

Man working on the cleanup of a MOX fuel fabrication facility

The Clean-up business unit covers all services that enable nuclear operators to work in a safe and clean nuclear environment. Its field of application extends to the specialized technical operation of processing and clean-up plants, via site logistics, etc. It also offers training in repair trades in the nuclear environment. With over 40 years of experience, AREVA is the French market leader in this area.

Man in white coveralls in the middle of an AD2 decontamination shop

AREVA dismantles customer sites and operates facilities for processing material contaminated with low and medium-level radioactivity for its customers.

CEDOS - Sully sur Loire

These teams provide repair and maintenance logistics for nuclear power plants, whether they are running or suspended.

Man working on the cleanup of a MOX fuel fabrication facility

AREVA performs specialized maintenance operations, mechanical repairs, rigging of equipment, or nuclear installations.

Radiation protection control in the Marcoule pilot plant

AREVA offers radiation protection services, nuclear and environmental measurements, nuclear site dismantling and clean-up.

A tutor and their apprentice at the AREVA site at the Cadarache facility

AREVA provides training in nuclear servicing professions and also offers skills management assistance.


Cadarache, an exemplary cleanup operation

Cleanup activities cover all the services needed to ensure that nuclear operators work in clean and safe surroundings. The leader on this market in France, AREVA has been cleaning its Cadarache unit (Bouches-du-Rhône Département) since 2008.