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Dialog with stakeholders

Two men in front of the MELOX plant

Since its creation, MELOX has actively participated in local economic development by working with suppliers from the Gard region. Over the last few years the facility has also established partnerships with all stakeholders.

Cooperation and local partnerships

Participation in the Local Information Commission (LIC) of Gard

The LIC plays an informative role for the local populations, while monitoring the impact of the site's activities on the environment. Every year, at the general assembly of the LIC of Marcoule (Gard Département), MELOX management presents the annual plant operations report and the results of its impact on the environment. Backed by 30 years of experience, the Gard LIC in Marcoule is also regularly invited to take part in exchanges with MELOX customers on its experience in keeping the public informed.

Relations with stakeholders

In the context of sustainable development policy, MELOX and AREVA Marcoule regularly carry out a mapping of external stakeholders (politicians, authorities, local associations, media ...).

The site of MELOX receives visits by municipal councils concerned with understanding the business and development prospects of the institution.

Partnership policy

MELOX has made serious efforts since the facility opened to become involved in the activities of neighboring communities, and has initiated an active partnership policy to support the work of clubs, associations and even schools. It thus helps boost local activities.

Requests are selected on the basis of criteria defined within the framework of the company’s partnership policy, focused on four major types of activity:

  • preserving the local heritage and sustainable development,
  • education and the development of local cultural activities,
  • developing local sports events for the benefit of youth,
  • diversity and helping the disabled enter the workforce.

Local economic development initiatives

Economic impact of MELOX

In 2015, the amount of purchases of supplies, works and services, and past investments by MELOX was € 120 million. Around 67% of purchases MELOX engaged in the Gard and the neighboring departments.

The total amount of taxes paid by MELOX in 2016 amounted to € 5.4 million.

Site promotion

Facility tours

Visits to MELOX are only permitted in a strictly professional context. In this vein the site welcomes representatives of the nuclear industry, clients of local information relays (elected officials, Local Information Commission, journalists...) every year.