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LMC: road transport of nuclear materials

Installation of a package before transport

AREVA, through its subsidiary LMC, provides specialized services for the road transportation of radioactive materials; the operation of road, rail, and maritime terminals and the maintenance of special vehicles. Recognized as a specialist in this field, the company is  certified AFAQ ISO 9001,14001 18001 since 2008.

Road transportation: organized logistics

LMC, a subsidiary of TN International, offers nearly 40 years of experience and reliability in the road transport of nuclear materials.

LMC exclusively transports nuclear materials.

  • 4,500 journeys in France and Europe every year.
  • 2,300 internal transfers every month across the principal French nuclear sites, from the AREVA La Hague site to Marcoule, Cadarache et Saclay sites, for example.

LMC has a modern fleet of truck cabs (Euro3 standard at least).

  • 180 industrial vehicles are dedicated to nuclear activities, including around 60 truck cabs and a dozen trailers.
  • 2,200 maintenance operations are carried out every year on road vehicles.
  • A mandatory annual technical inspection of every truck is required. LMC supplements these inspections with checks performed by its drivers and contractors (tires etc...).
  • 2 drivers, one licensed driver and a backup, are deployed for every road transfer of sensitive materials or heavy loads.

Prior to involvement in any transportation of radioactive materials, road drivers receive specialist training held in France by an accredited agency, l’Institut National de Sciences et Technologies Nucléaires (the National Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Technologies). Their training covers: 

  • common basic training for all hazardous materials transport,
  • class 7 specialization training for radioactive materials,
  • 5–yearly recycling training supplemented by feedback and information on developments in mandatory regulatory requirements.

The handling of heavy loads is carried out in the terminals of Cherbourg and Valognes.
Maintenance takes place in new workshops at Valognes and Codolet.


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