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Nuclear transportation, packaging design and logistics

Storage of packaging for the transportation of used fuel

AREVA is the benchmark for the design and manufacture of specialized equipment and packaging for the transportation and/or storage of nuclear materials. It develops customized solutions for its customers, taking constant care with respect to safety and protection for both humankind and the environment.

Container drop tests

The International Atomic Energy Agency has regulations governing its 130 Member States regarding the packaging and transportation of radioactive materials.

Preparing a TN 85 shipping container prior to loading

The Logistics BU has full expertise at its disposal for the conditioning of nuclear materials for shipping or storage.

The Pacific Swan en route to the port of Balboa

The Logistics BU offers customized solutions for materials transported with a maximum level of safety and protection.


The completely safe transport of nuclear materials

AREVA TN offers solutions for packing and transporting nuclear materials. Each year the Group manages the transport of over 4500 shipments of nuclear materials by road in France and Europe, and proposes 200 packing designs. As a result of AREVA's experience, quality service is guaranteed and the level of security/safety is the same everywhere.