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MELOX, world leader in MOX production

View of the facade of the MELOX plant

The MELOX plant, situated in the regional department of Gard (France), produces MOX fuel assemblies intended to power light-water reactors in different countries. MELOX is the world leader in this market, with more than 2,500 metric tons of heavy metal of MOX fuels produced since the plant started operation.

Cleaning rods prior to pellet insertion in the MOX plant

MELOX: fabrication of MOX fuel

MELOX recycles plutonium recovered during treatment operations on used fuel in the La Hague plant.




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AREVA to train MOX manufacturing specialists for Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited


AREVA to train MOX manufacturing specialists for Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited

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Quality control of rods at the MELOX facility

Triple certification

The MELOX plant meets stringent standards in relation to the environment and management. It holds ISO 9001/14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Environmental testing: sampling water from a well in Marcoule

Environmental measurements

Throughout the year, MELOX teams evaluate the impact of the plant's activity on the environment.

Exterior view of the MELOX plant


MELOX is part of the group's sustainable development initiative and is committed to respect for the environment and for health and security.

Spread of information

MELOX publishes an annual report on environmental, social, and corporate practice and nuclear safety and radiation protection.

Two men in front of the MELOX plant

Dialog with stakeholders

MELOX is involved in relations with its stakeholders: local economic development, partnerships with associations and educational institutions, etc.

Exterior view of the MELOX plant


Founded in the early 1990's, the MELOX plant has continued to develop and expand. Today it works with France, Japan and even Germany.