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AREVA TN Americas : Nuclear Transport and Used Fuel Solutions

NUHOMS® modular system for dry storage

AREVA TN Americas is the leader of the American nuclear dry storage market. The company offers a complete line of products and related services to the transportation, storage and engineering sectors operating in the fuel cycle materials market.

AREVA TN Americas, an American company, offers a wide range of solutions for interim dry storage and related services adapted to the specific needs of its customers. Its operations include:

  • used fuel,
  • radioactive waste,
  • other radioactive materials.

60% of American nuclear plant operators use AREVA TN Americas’s fuel solutions.

AREVA TN Americas offers 2 product lines for storage:

  • TN metal containers,
  • The modular system NUHOMS®.

AREVA TN Americas offers 40 years of experience in the transportation of used fuel.

AREVA TN Americas

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