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The Equipment business around the world

 AREVA is the biggest manufacturer of key components for nuclear power plants in the world. The group is also a leader in the replacement of components for existing reactors.

Aerial view of AREVA's Chalon Saint Marcel plant

Chalon/Saint-Marcel: heavy equipment

Chalon/Saint-Marcel - the biggest industrial center of the AREVA group - produces heavy equipment for nuclear power plants the world over.

Aerial view of the JSPM site

JSPM: solutions for pumps and mechanisms

JSPM provides Solutions for Nuclear Reactor Pumps and Mechanisms. The plant is located in Jeumont, in the Nord region (France).

Aerial view of the SOMANU site

SOMANU: servicing of nuclear components

SOMANU services and repairs nuclear components outside of their original installation. It is located at Maubeuge, in the French regional department of Nord.

Shaping of an ingot for a 1450 MWe vessel shell course

Creusot Forge and Creusot Mécanique: large forged parts

Creusot Forge and Creusot Mécanique are one of the biggest producers of very large forged parts used in the manufacture of the heavy components of a nuclear island.

Two workers at the DONGFANG machining center

AREVA DONGFANG: pump units

AREVA DONGFANG manufactures reactor coolant pump units of JSPM design intended for the Chinese domestic market.