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Nuclear Measurement operations around the world

AREVA's Nuclear Measurement activity designs and manufactures turnkey systems and instruments for the measuring of radioactive radiation, the monitoring of nuclear installations, the provision of radiation protection and for waste characterization. It has sites in France, the UK and the USA.

Front of the CANBERRA France building

CANBERRA France: checks and measurements

CANBERRA France's main activities are monitoring, measuring waste and special maintenance.

Alpha analysis laboratory, CANBERRA, Meriden site

CANBERRA USA: safety and fuel monitoring

CANBERRA USA works in internal site safety, fuel monitoring and nuclear power plants.

CANBERRA Cartogram system in operation, combined with ISOCS and Mercurad to facilitate the location and calculation of the hot spots activity

CANBERRA UK: measuring and dismantling

CANBERRA UK designs and implements measuring and control systems for the nuclear industry and for dismantling programs.

Segmented coaxial germanium detectors mainly used for scientific applications

CANBERRA Lingolsheim: specialist detection equipment

Located in Alsace, CANBERRA Lingolsheim designs and manufactures detection equipment designed for specialist scientific applications.

Canberra Loches site

CANBERRA Loches: radiation protection systems

Located in Indre-et-Loire, the CANBERRA de Loches site manufactures portable and fixed radiation protection equipment.