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Services business unit throughout the world

AREVA's Nuclear Services business unit offers its electric utility customers solutions to improve the availability and productivity of their power plants and extend their lifetime, while upholding the highest safety standards. The group draws on teams of highly qualified specialists based in France, Germany and the United States, who provide customers with a personalized service.

Intercontrˆle building at Chalon

CEMO: equipment servicing and repair

CEMO has hot workshops equipped to service and repair maintenance equipment outside of the original installations.

Maintenance operator at the Sully-sur-Loire site

CEDOS: servicing and repair of components

CEDOS has hot workshops equipped for the servicing and repair of nuclear components outside of their original installation.


Pumps and Motors: no. 1 hot workshop in the United States

This center is the largest installation in the United States for off-site servicing and repair of nuclear components.

Chemical analyses using colorimetry at the Technical Center (France)

Technical Center: improving operations

Spread across several sites in France, Germany and USA, the Technical Center offers state-of-the-art science and technology in the nuclear field.

Testing baffle bolting

NETEC: AREVA's new technical center

NETEC is the new international technical center for non-destructive examinations. It carries out all R&D in the field.

View of the CEDEM building in Chalon-sur-Saˆne

Regional development centers

Located in France, Germany, and the United States, these centers develop the methods and tools for power plant operations.

An operator undergoing training at the Lynchburg technical center

AREVA Inc.: a comprehensive range of services

Inspection, maintenance, replacement of components, engineering services, and more. A wealth of services is offered by the AREVA group’s American subsidiary.

Entrance to the AREVA building in Erlangen, Germany

Nuclear Services Erlangen: a broad offer

The solutions presented by Nuclear Services Erlangen, Germany, mainly relate to fuel and nuclear services.

CETIC: internal components at the Spanish LEMONIZ power plant

CETIC: a center for experimentation

CETIC is the Maintenance Preparation and Qualification Center for pressurized water nuclear steam supply systems.

An operator undergoing training at the Lynchburg technical center

Technical Training Center: technical training

Located in Lynchburg (Virginia), this training center prepares local and European staff to work according to American nuclear maintenance standards.

Trailer from the Mobile Training Center

I&C Mobile Training Center: mobile training

I&C is a mobile facility created by AREVA for its American customers. It offers custom training courses and benefits from high-tech equipment.

View of an operational device during the IRMA project, Oskarshamn 2 (2004)


AREVA's nuclear activities platform for Sweden, AREVA NP Uddcomb mainly provides engineering services.


Lesedi Nuclear Services: services and maintenance

With over 200 employees with experience in the nuclear sector, Lesedi Nuclear Services provides services and maintenance for ESKOM and AREVA.

Point Lepreau nuclear power plant

AREVA Canada: power plant services

Design, construction and maintenance services for nuclear power plants count among the services provided by AREVA Canada Ltd.

Eddy current tests in the Ling AO reactor vessel

IntelligeNDT: non-destructive examinations

IntelligeNDT specializes in non-destructive examinations, inspection equipment and systems for nuclear power plants. It is based in Germany.

Testing baffle bolting

AREVA NP Services Spain S.L.U.

AREVA NP Services Spain S.L.U. provides products and services for Pressurized Water Reactors and Boiling Water Reactors.

view of teleperm Xs

AREVA NP Controls, s.r.o.

AREVA NP Controls, s.r.o. has business operations in the following areas, engineering for digital safety I&C and  electrical systems for the global nuclear power plant market.

Inspecting the baffle assembly bolting on equipment under the vessel

INTERCONTROLE: non-destructive examinations

INTERCONTROLE specializes in non-destructive examinations in nuclear power plants: in-service inspections, technical support, etc.