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Heavy equipment: critital for plant performance

Forging at Creusot Forge

Having focused for some time on the replacement of vessel heads and steam generators, manufacturing operations for large forged parts are now being reoriented around the growing market for the construction of new power plants. With Creusot Forge, its specialist subsidiaries, AREVA has state-of-the art-equipment and technology to guarantee the quality and competitiveness of these parts, key components of the nuclear island.

The strategic role of forged parts


Forged parts are large molded and machined parts. They are used to manufacture the heavy components which form the primary reactor coolant loop. Expertise in forged part manufactures is critical to AREVA’s provision of an integrated product range.


A cast part is shaped using a sand mold. It is then subjected to a series of operations: arc-blowing (producing molten metal with an electric arc and removing the cast produced by air jet), grinding, welding, and machining. The molded parts are then subjected to non-destructive inspections, followed by hydraulic testing under pressure.

Product portfolio

To support nuclear power plant modernization and construction programs, Creusot Forge produces the following parts:

  • steam generator (SG) shells (upper, conical, and lower),
  • steam generator tube plates,
  • steam generator domes and bases,
  • nuclear reactor vessels,
  • legs (hot and cold) connecting the reactor and the steam generators.

Also active in the petrochemical industry, Creusot Forge has all of the certifications necessary to develop in environments as demanding as the nuclear or offshore sectors.


In the Creusot Forge machine shop, AREVA carries out precision finish machining on large components. Thanks to a range of machine tools of exceptionally large size and accuracy and to the technical skills of the operators, Creusot Forge is able to carry out the precision machining of the stainless steel parts of the heavy reflector for the EPR™ reactor pressure vessel internals.

Leading the world

Creusot Forge and Creusot Mécanique supplies forged parts for nearly 90 pressurized water reactors (PWR) in this market, as well as for heavy water reactors of the CANDU type (operated in India). Its international references make the group the world leader in this specialist field.

Also active in the petrochemical industry, Creusot Forge and Creusot Mécanique has all of the certifications necessary to develop in environments as demanding as the nuclear or offshore sectors.

The Creusot Forge and Creusot Mécanique manufacturing facility consists of:

  • a forge equipped with 2 presses (7,500 and 11,300 metric tons),
  • a machining workshop,
  • workshops for joint welding and machining mechanical sub-assemblies.

The primary reactor loop

AREVA’s Chalon/Saint-Marcel manufacturing facility is unrivalled anywhere in the world for the manufacture of heavy components, including steam generators, reactor vessels and heads, pressurizers and internal equipment.