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Chalon/Saint-Marcel plant

Aerial view of AREVA's Chalon Saint Marcel plant

The Chalon/Saint-Marcel plant supplies heavy equipment for nuclear power plants. It is located in the Saône-et-Loire region, in the towns of Chalon-sur-Saône and Saint-Marcel. This establishment is the biggest industrial site owned by the group.

Handling of a steam generator for the Olkiluoto EPR™ reactor

Operations: heavy equipment production

The Chalon/Saint-Marcel plant produces heavy equipment for nuclear power plants the world over.

Welder at Chalon Saint Marcel


Founded thirty years ago, the Chalon/Saint Marcel plant is established within a region with a rich metallurgic tradition.

Transportation of the replacement cover for the Sizewell power plant

A certified plant

The Chalon/Saint Marcel plant adheres to very strict safety and environmental standards. It holds many certifications.

View of Chalon Saint Marcel plant in the distance, fishermen in the foreground

Environmental sampling and analysis

The Chalon Saint Marcel plant regularly subjects itself to measurements of liquid waste and atmospheric emissions.

View of the Chalon Saint Marcel plant from a distance

Sustainable development commitments

The Chalon/Saint Marcel plant is committed to adhering to strict conditions in terms of health, safety and environmental protection.

Information disclosure

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Dialog with stakeholders

The Chalon/Saint Marcel facility is implementing the AREVA group's dynamic of social dialog and community involvement.

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