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Supplying of large forgings and castings parts for nuclear reactors

Shaping of an ingot for a 1450 MWe vessel shell course

Creusot Forge et Creusot Mécanique, subsidiaries of AREVA, are specialized in the supply of big forgings and castings destined mainly for the nuclear market.
Our know-how, capacity for innovation and quality standards enable us to develop products which match the exact needs of our clients. 


Leading players in nuclear industry sector

Creusot Forge and Creusot Mécanique are leading players in nuclear industry sector. It benefits from a number of advantages:

  • Traditional expertise linked to the development of all French nuclear program and to the equipment in a hundred working sites.
  • Excellent product awareness.
  • Specialized in the manufacturing of very large-sized parts, being able to be superior to 5 m of diameter;
  • Reference supplier of customers worldwide : Finland, China, Brazil, the United States, South Africa,
  • Good lead time management.

Nuclear components for new builds as for existing nuclear plants

The market of the nuclear equipments has two segments:

  • The market of components replacement (closure heads, pressurizers and steam generators),
  • the market of new power plants, which is experiencing significant growth, at a time when our customers are becoming even more demanding in terms of safety, technical requirements, competitiveness and respect for the environment.

Creusot Mécanique and Creusot Forge meet the needs of forgings and castings for these two market segments.

Creusot Forge

Creusot Forge is one of the very few forges in the world capable of making the sophisticated parts necessary for the manufacture of the primary components for the nuclear island.
In its workshops are realized large carbon or stainless steel forgings as well as castings. These components are then assembled in the plants of Chalon / St-Marcel or JSPM to form the key components of nuclear reactors.

The product portfolio of Creusot Forge includes forgings constituting the following components:

  • Steam generator (SG) (upper, conical, and lower heads, elliptical dome, tube sheet).
  • Reactor pressure vessels (Monobloc closure head, nozzle, Stainless steel heavy reflector?
  • Pressurizer (heads)
  • Primary pumps (pump casting)
  • Primary piping (hot and cold legs) connecting the reactor and the steam generators.

The site also manufactures parts for the other sectors: nuclear transportation, wind energy, petrochemicals, steel industry and navy.

Creusot Mécanique

Creusot Mécanique carries out precision finish machining on large components. Thanks to a range of machine tools exceptionally large size and accuracy the technical skills of the operators, it is able to carry precision machining of the stainless parts of the heavy reflector for the EPR reactor pressure vessel internals.


Creusot Forge
BP 112 – 6 allée Jean Perrin
71200 Le Creusot (France)
Tél. +33 (0)3 85 80 73 00

Creusot Mécanique
400, allée Hubert Curien
71200 Le Creusot (France)
Tél. +33 (0)3 85 80 62 00