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Olkiluoto 3 - Finland

Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant - Finland (P. Bourdon)

The first Generation III+ EPR™ reactor is currently under construction at the Olkiluoto 3 site in Finland. This is the first step towards a global fleet of EPR™ reactors. The objective is to supply a reliable, profitable, safe and environmentally friendly source of energy. More than 4,000 people from 55 different countries are working at the site.

This is one of the largest industrial projects ever carried out in Northern Europe.

  • The contract

    The contract

    Customer: Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO).

    Supplier: Consortium formed by AREVA NP and Siemens AG (73%/27%), led by AREVA NP.

    Supply scope: 1 EPR™ unit in turnkey construction.

    Net electric output: 1,600 MWe.

    Reactor thermal output: 4,300 MW.

    Signature date: December 18, 2003.

    Annual power generation: 13 TWh.

  • The customer

    The customer

    Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) is a private electricity generation company owned by Finnish industrial and power companies, to which TVO supplies electricity at cost price.

    The company owns and operates 2 nuclear power plant units – Olkiluoto 1 and Olkiluoto 2 (OL1 and OL2) – in the town of Eurajoki on the west coast of Finland.

  • Scope of supply

    Scope of supply

    The consortium is constructing the EPR™ on a turnkey basis.


    Is leading the consortium and is responsible for the overall project coordination and the functional and technical integration of the complete plant, including:

    • Civil works for the complete Nuclear Island (NI).
    • Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS), Balance of Nuclear Island (BNI), Balance-of-plant (BOP) and Operational Instrumentation and Control:
      • Engineering and design,
      • Procurement and delivery of equipment,
      • Digital control system,
      • Access building and waste building.
    • Digital control system,
    • Training of the operators,
    • Supply of the first fuel core,
    • Overall project coordination.


    • Complete Turbine Island (TI), including:
      • Balance of TI,
      • Civil works,
      • Engineering and design,
      • Procurement and delivery of electro-mechanical equipment,
      • Turbo-generator protection and control system,
      • Erection and commissioning.


    • Owner.
    • In charge of the certification process about the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland (STUK) Authority.

  • Supply chain

    AREVA Supply chain

    Reactor pressure vessel ready for delivery on the Olkiluoto site

    Reactor pressure vessel ready for delivery on the Olkiluoto site

    More than 1,700 direct contracts have been placed to the OL3 consortium from 27 countries.

    Main equipment work

    • Equipment primary circuit
      • Steam generator and pressurizer: AREVA Châlon/Saint Marcel (France).
      • Reactor coolant lines: AREVA Creusot Forge (France).
      • Reactor coolant pumps: AREVA Jeumont Solutions for Pumps and Mechanisms (JSPM), France.
      • Control rod drive mechanisms: AREVA JSPM (France).
      • Reactor pressure vessel: Forging at Japan Steel Works (JSW) in Muroran, Japan Manufacturing at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) in Kobe, Japan.
      • Instrumentation & Control (I&C): Electromecanical Systems: AREVA/Siemens.

    Site works

    • Turbine Island: Siemens steam turbine.
    • Nuclear Island work: Main AREVA subcontractors on OL3 site.
    • Civil work activities
      • Bouygues Travaux Publics, France,
      • Babcock Noell Nuclear, Germany,
      • Freyssinet, France,
      • Jalonen Oy, Finland,
      • Tieliikelaitos, Finland,
      • Heitkamp, Finland.


    • Electro-Mechanical Packages
      • Auxiliary piping and Supports: Essener Hochdruck-Rohrleitungsbau / Babcock Borsi Service, Germany.
      • Reactor & Fuel building pools: Babcock Noell Nuclear, Germany & ACPP (Atelier de Construction du Petit Parc), France.
      • Main Primary Components: AREVA NP Services – Chalon SFC, France.
      • Sump Suction Lines, IRWST under ceiling liner 2006/2007: Nordon Industries, France.

    Human Resources deployed

    • Project control: at the peak of construction in the fall of 2010, 1,000 AREVA engineers contributed to the project.
    • Employees for power plant construction: from 4,000 to 4,500 employees from more than 55 different countries participated in the construction, including close to 600 AREVA employees.

    In total, the resources dedicated to this industrial challenge are Finnish workers account for 23%, including the TVO OL3 project personnel.

  • Licensing

    Licensing process

    On February 17, 2005, following a comprehensive review of the EPR™ reactor, the Finnish government authorized the construction of Olkiluoto 3.

    OL3 is proceeding through a rigorous two-step Finnish licensing process. The Finnish National Safety Authority (STUK) reviews all detailed design and construction methods (for Nuclear Island) prior to the plant’s operation.
    This process involves the production of a large volume of engineering reports, with more than 120,000 documents to be submitted to TVO and the regulator STUK for approval.

    The certification process is being carried out in parallel with project execution
    through a tripartite interface between AREVA, its customer TVO and STUK.

    Project documents are produced continuously throughout the project. They allow the nuclear safety authorities to verify and approve solutions relating to engineering, manufacturing, construction and commissioning of the reactor.

  • Key milestones

    Key milestones


    November 2001: TVO filed an application with the Finnish Government for a decision in principle on a new nuclear power plant.

    January 2002: The Finish Government made the decision in principle in favor of the new unit and the decision was ratified by Parliament in May 2002.

    December 2003: After a bidding competition lasting over a year, TVO selected the AREVA EPR™ design to be built at Olkiluoto.

    Equipment delivery and startup

    July 2005: start of construction, first concrete pouring.

    May 2006: lifting and installation of the bottom part of containment liner.

    June 2007: reactor building containment liner rises to level +12,5 m.

    May 2008: Fuel Building APC Shell completed.

    January 2009: Reactor Pressure Vessel and Vessel head arrival on site.

    May 2009: Main control room lifting in Safeguard Building 2.

    Summer 2009: Polar Crane installation, Dome installation.

    Autumn 2009: Steam Generators delivery on site.

    September 2009: EPR™ dome installed.

    June 2010: Installation of the reactor pressure vessel in the reactor building.

    November 2011: Installation of heavy components of the primary cooling system complete.

    July 2012: pool’s leak-tightness tests and filling up of cooling water pumping station completed with success.

    End 2012: all primary loop components installed.

  • Quotations


    What they said about the OL3 project

    “Olkiluoto is the safest power plant in the world in its size category.”
    Jukka Laaksonen, Director General STUK, on Finnish News TV Channel MTV, January 16, 2007

    “The EPR™ is the most advanced technology worldwide.”
    Martin Landtman, Senior Vice President, Project OL3, TVO, in Handelsblatt, Germany, August 13, 2007

    "Dominion appreciates ... your openness and sharing of lessons learned that are not only helpful, but also reflective of true nuclear professionalism."  
    Dave Christian, President & CNO, Dominion Generation, October 19, 2007

    "Being very impressed by this important project for all partners involved and the entire nuclear industry we wish the teams best success and above all safety for everybody involved. Thank you very much for the excellent prepared visit and hospitality."
    Gerd Jäger on behalf of the RWE team May 5, 2008

    “I want to assure you that my judgment of the Olkiluoto 3 project success is based solely on the actual performance of AREVA in providing adequate quality and safety. In spite of some difficulties met in the past I have no doubt about the acceptability of the final product. I have tried to indicate in all of my discussions with the technical and public audience that I am still very pleased with the choice made by TVO when they signed the contract with AREVA in 2003. I fully recognize the value of AREVA’s pioneering work in re-establishing the capability for nuclear construction in the western world and in the USA, and I do not believe that any other company could have done better in these circumstances."

    "AREVA and its subcontractors remain the world's leaders in the nuclear industry. They offer the best product and the safest product."

    Jukka Laaksonen, head of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency (STUK), in a letter to AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon, May 2008

    We have learned much of value on our visit today. This is a pathfinder project of enormous significance for the whole nuclear industry. Both in conception and execution, the EPR™ is a leader for the 21st century. We have been impressed by the progress on site, admiring of the organization, discipline and attitude to safety and extremely appreciative of the warmth of our welcome.“ 
    Sir Adrian Montague, British Energy Chairman, May 20, 2008.