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Taishan 1&2 - China

AREVA is constructing two EPR™ reactors at Taishan site,in Guangdong province, China. This contract is the largest international commercial contract signed in civil nuclear history.
This project reaffirms AREVA’s global nuclear leadership and reinforces its presence in one of the most promising markets for the decades to come.

Thanks to the operating experience gained by AREVA’s teams on the two first-of-a-kind EPR™ reactors at Olkiluoto and Flamanville, the project schedule has been shortened by 40 months.

  • The contract

    The contract

    Customer: The China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Corp. Ltd. (CGNPC), represented by the Taishan Nuclear Power Company (TNPJVC).

    Supplier: AREVA in consortium with 2 subsidiaries of CGNPC,  China Nuclear Power Engineering Company (CNPEC) and China Nuclear Power Design Company (CNPDC).

    Scope of supply:
    Design and Procurement for two EPR™ units.

    Net electric output: 1,660 MWe.

    Reactor thermal output: 4,590 MWth.

    Signature date: November 26, 2007.

    Key benefits to the customers :

    The Taishan EPR™ project will bring to the group’s customers: project certainty, energy supply certainty,  predictable business performance, outstanding safety level and minimal environmental impact.

  • The customer

    The customer


    • TNPJVC (Taishan Nuclear Power Company) is a joint venture between CGNPC (China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Corp. Ltd.) and EDF (30%) set up in 2009.
    • CGNPC, created in September 1994, is based in the Guangdong province. It is one of the three Chinese power companies. 
      CGNPC is owned by:
      • the China Nuclear National Company CNNC (45%),
      • the Guangdong Province (45%),
      • China Power Investment (10%). 

    AREVA has already suppplied- or participaed in the supply of 6 nuclear power station units:

    • Daya Bay - 2 units,
    • Ling Ao I - 2 units,
    • Ling AoII - 2 units.

  • Scope of supply

    Scope of supply

    Taishan Unit 2 - NI preparation works

    Taishan  Unit 2 - NI preparation works

    A global agreement is signed with CGNPC, it encompasses actually four contracts signed in the framework of the Taishan Unit 1&2:

    • engineering,
    • procurement of the nuclear islands,
    • transfer of the corresponding technology.


    Head of the consortium set up with two subsidiaries of CGNPC for design (CNPDC) and procurement (CNPEC).

    • In charge of the Nuclear Island Engineering & Procurement (NI EP), Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS), and Balance of Nuclear Island (BNI):
    • design is being provided by a co-design organization including AREVA and CNPDC engineers, under AREVA's responsibility,
    • procurement and delivery shared by AREVA and CNPEC including some localization in China for some specific components,
    • digital control system:
      • Safety Instrumentation and Control (I&C) and electrical system, engineering, and manufacturing,
      • Operational I&C, engineering, and manufacturing,
      • Simulator. 
    • supply of the two first fuel cores and seventeen reloads,
    • ensures the supply of the first two fuel cores and of enriched uranium over a 15-year 


    TSNPC leads following activities: 

    • Overall project coordination, integration of the complete plant including Balance-of-plant systems and turbine island
    • Setting-up and commissioning
    • Civil works for the complete nuclear island and turbine island (with technical assistance by AREVA)

  • AREVA supply chain

    Supply chain

    Globally qualified industrial supply chain and pool of subcontractors: around 120 suppliers will be working for the consortium AREVA/CNPEC/CNPDC on the TSN 1&2 project.

    Main equipment works

    UNIT 1

    • Steam Generators: AREVA Chalon/Saint Marcel, France. 
    • Reactor Pressure Vessel:  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) à Kobe, Japan.
    • Pressurizer: AREVA Chalon/Saint Marcel, France.
    • Main Coolant Lines: AREVA Creusot Forge, France + Nordon.
    • Reactor Coolant Pumps: AREVA Jeumont Solutions for Pumps and Mechanisms (JSPM), France. 
    • Control Rod Drive Mechanisms: AREVA JSPM, France.
    • Heavy Components Supports: DEC, China.
    • Instrumentation and Contrrol (I&C): Electromechanical Systems : AREVA/Siemens.

    UNIT 2

    • Steam Generators:  DEC - 2 SGs/SEC - 2SGs. 
    • Reactor Pressure Vessel:  DEC, China.
    • Pressurizer: DEC, China.
    • Reactor Coolant Lines: DEC, China.
    • Main Coolant Pumps: AREVA JSPM, France Creusot (France + China).
    • Control Rod Drive Mechanisms: Nordon.
    • Heavy Components Supports: DEC, China.
    • Instrumentation and Contrrol (I&C): electromechanical systems: AREVA/Siemens.

    *DEC/DECL: Dongfang Electric Corporation (Limited)/SEC: Shanghai Electrical Corporation/ADJV: JVAREVA-Dongfang /SFM: Sheffield Forgemasters 

    Site works

    • Conventional Island: CGNPC with the Dongfang-Alstom consortium for the turbine.
    • Nuclear Island Work: Civil works TNPJVC, subsidiary of CGNPC. 

  • Resources


    In 2012, more than 1,400 AREVA employees were working on the Taishan project, the majority of them based in China.

    In the framework of the Nuclear Island Engineering contract, 25% of the global engineering workload is realized with a customer’s (CNPDC) subsidiary in China. As a result, a Joint Design Organization (JDO) is set-up in Shenzhen for the Taishan 1&2 project, gathering AREVA and CNPDC’s engineers under AREVA responsibility.

    In 2011, more than 300 engineers are in charge of the detailed design work, mainly for piping and electrical activities.

    In December 2009, AREVA and CGNPC created WECAN, a company responsible for engineering and procurement for the nuclear islands of the new plants to be built in China.

  • Licensing


    The EPR™ design is proceeding through a licensing process. This licensing process is being conducted in parallel with project execution (in particular on the basis of the nuclear island inputs from AREVA) under the TNPJVC’s responsibility, interfacing with the Chinese Regulatory Body, NNSA.

    AREVA handed the Preliminary Report of Safety to CGNPC on August 22nd, 2008.

    The construction permit was then granted in October 2009 for the First Concrete Dtae (FCD) to proceed.

  • Key milestones

    Key Milestones

    Taishan units 1&2 overview (April 2010) - Copyright CGNPC


    May 2008: first step of CNPDC involvement in Design activities in Europe with the arrival of 18 Chinese engineers in Erlangen. Up to now, more than 100 CNPDC engineers are taking part of Design activities.

    August 2008: excavation ceremony on Taishan site.

    June 2009: procurement in progress for more than 30 % for CNPEC scope, more than 70% for AREVA scope.

    July 2009: start of the Joint Design Organization (JDO) activities in Shenzhen, China.

    July 2009: start of the fabrication of primary equipment of unit 2 localized in China.

    October 2009: unit 1 first concrete pouring.

    April 2010: unit 22 first concrete pouring.

    October 2011: dome installation of the reactor building of unit 1 realized with success.

    February 2012: first reactor vessel delivery by MHI.

    June 2012: reactor vessel installation of Taishan Unit 1.

    September 2012: dome installation of the reactor building of unit 2 realized with success.

    September 2012: unit 1 installation of the first steam generator.

    November 2012: the project celebrates its fifth anniversary, with nearly 82% of the engineering complete.

    December 2012: completion of the installation of the heavy components (reactor vessel, four steam generators and pressurizer).

    December 2012: completion of the primary circuit welding of unit 1.