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Products and Technology


The Products and Technology activities propose and manage AREVA plant model portfolio development. Being the design authority for models, it defines safety principles and manages reactor models licensing activities. It brings its expertise and supports the scope of activity of Reactors and Services BG by developing high-performance products and key technologies. It maintains and manages AREVA test and laboratory facilities.

Technical center at Erlangen (Germany)

AREVA is leading R&D programs on light water reactors key technologies in dedicated laboratories and competence centers.

Engineers carrying out modeling of reactors

To respond to the needs of its clients, AREVA is enlarging its power range with generation III+ models.

Modernization of the instrumentation and control at Beznau

AREVA develops complex nuclear reactor control systems. The group is also involved in the modernization of existing systems.


AREVA is preparing for the future through its work on Generation IV reactor

Primary, secondary, and auxiliary circuits of an EPR™ reactor in 3D

A nuclear reactor enables a chain fission reaction to be produced and controlled at will. There are currently three different types.