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AREVA Marcoule: industrial operator

Aerial view of the Marcoule site

Created in 1955 in the department of Gard, the Marcoule site combines a research center of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and AREVA's industrial operations.

Concrete pouring for packages of solid wastes of CDS in the Marcoule facility

Industrial operator for the French Atomic Energy Commission

As industrial partner for the CEA, AREVA Marcoule undertakes the cleanup and disassembly of nuclear installations.

Environmental Monitoring: Sampling of freshwater near the Marcoule facility


A promoter of sustainable development, the establishment's activities are conducted in the continuing effort of the highest level of plant safety, life safety and environmental friendliness.

Marcoule UP1 plant


The AREVA website Marcoule is one of the oldest nuclear sites in France, a return on its history

High school students welcome booth at AREVA Day Trades Training Bagnols-sur-Ceze

Integration into the territory

Through an ongoing dialogue with local authorities, the press and the general public, Marcoule AREVA has the objective of transparency of the group.

Environmental Monitoring: Sampling of freshwater near the Marcoule facility

A commitment to continuous improvement

Establishment has held to continually improve the services provided to its customers, while ensuring the safety of personnel and facilities and minimizing environmental impacts.

Spread of information

AREVA Marcoule publishes an annual presentation of its facts and figures in the fields of sustainable development.

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