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CLFR: how it works

Liddell solar thermal station ( the world's first solar-coal fired power augmentation facility) in Australia, installed by AREVA Solar.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) solutions use lenses or mirrors to direct a large area of sunlight onto a small surface.

Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) technology is a form of CSP that is valued for its simple, robust design.

It uses modular, flat mirrors to focus the sun's heat onto long, elevated "receivers" which consist of a system of boiler tubes through which water flows. The concentrated sunlight boils the water in the tubes, generating saturated and superheated solar steam for use in power generation and industrial steam applications.

Scalable and adaptable technology

CLFR technology can be scaled to the requirements of the power plant, from 50 to 500 MWe (power generation) and from 5 to 50 MWe (boosters and industrial steam), and applied in 3 different ways:

Standalone power plant

The steam generated from concentrated solar power is used to drive steam turbines, producing electricity.

Booster application

Solar steam generators increase the quantity of available steam for natural gas-fired and coal-fired power plants.
With this solar steam, power plants are able to boost power generation at peak periods and reduce plant emissions.
This application can be used to extend the operating period of biomass and geothermal facilities.

Shema Standalone Power Plants

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Industrial steam

The solar steam generator technology produces solar steam that may be used directly in a variety of process steam applications, from enhanced oil recovery and mining to food processing and water desalination. It is easily integrated with conventional steam systems in retrofits and new plant designs.

Innovation in action

AREVA’s focus is improving technology performance to achieve:

  • Improved solar-to-heat efficiency by increasing superheated steam temperature
  • Increased capacity factor by developing energy storage solutions through hydrogen storage activity and expertise
  • Hybridized solar with biomass or gas-fired power plants

AREVA showcase:  CLFR performance and specifications

  • Temperature :
    • up to 550°C (1,022°F),
  • Pressure :
    • up to 165 bar (2,400 psia)

CSP Solar plant

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