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Worldwide wind energy business

AREVA is firmly positioned in the emerging offshore wind energy market. The group masters the process from design to manufacture, for both turbines and blades, with exclusive pioneering technology.

Europe is currently the world leader in offshore wind turbine technology, with installed capacity of 5 GWe by the end of 2010 according to the European Wind Energy Association.

AREVA's strategy is to meet the demand of the European wind energy market by building an industrial base in three countries: Germany (Bremerhaven), France (Le Havre) and the UK (Scotland). The industrial network will cover all key markets in Europe: the North Sea, Baltic Sea, English Channel, Irish Sea, Scottish territorial waters and Atlantic coasts.


AREVA is currently active in Germany's offshore wind energy market through its two subsidiaries: AREVA Wind and AREVA Blades, which employ more than 800 people.


AREVA plans to deploy a competitive and sustainable industrial ecosystem to build wind turbines in France.

United Kingdom

In 2012, AREVA signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a manufacturing facility for M5000 wind turbines in eastern Scotland.