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Renewable Energies Activities at a Glance

The Renewable Energies portfolio broadens AREVA's offer by bringing its customers new low-carbon power generation solutions. Its activities include offshore wind, bioenergy, concentrated solar power and energy storage.

Goals and outlook

Continuously improve the effectiveness and competitiveness of solutions for customers

Carry out large scale, highly visible projects

Strengthen operational performance

Synergistic Business Units

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Offshore wind

AREVA supplies proven, high-power offshore wind turbines that convert wind energy into electricity.



This business line provides integrated power engineering solutions for the design, manufacturing and commissioning of biomass power plants that convert organic plant and agro-industry effluents into energy. The group also offers an innovative torrefaction process.


Concentrated solar power

AREVA supplies turnkey solar power plants using the industry’s most profitable concentrated solar power technology to generate electricity or produce steam for industrial applications. The group also develops heat exchange-based thermal storage solutions for deferred energy use.


Energy storage

This business line offers hydrogen production solutions for optimized energy management in response to demand. AREVA offers two solutions: generating electricity with fuel cells, and managing and storing energy via hydrogen production using water electrolysis.

The electrolyzers use electricity to “split” the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. In this concept, the hydrogen and oxygen are combined via a membrane to simultaneously create water, heat and electricity.

An international market

Sale revenue 2014

The renewable energy market is changing rapidly. Each year since 2008, the share of new power generation from renewables exceeds the share from fossil fuels in Europe and the United Sates.

The 450 scenario of the World Energy Outlook 2013 published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) foresees a transformation of the power generation mix by 2035.  The share of renewable energies, excluding hydroelectricity, is expected to rise steadily to nearly 16% of world electricity production, compared with just 4% in 2011. This growth is expected to be accompanied by a more than 67% increase in global demand for electricity over the same period.

Renewable energies (including hydroelectricity) are expected to represent more than 62% of all capital spending on new power plants from 2013 to 2035. Major investments are planned in China, India, Europe and the United States.

In France, one of the targets of the French Grenelle Environmental Round Table (Grenelle de l’environnement) is a 23% share from renewable energies by 2020.

CSP Solar plant

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