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AREVA Energy Storage is developing solutions for producing hydrogen by electrolysis and electrical and thermal energy based on fuel cells.

Major player in several markets

AREVA designs, manufactures and markets systems based on electrolyzers and PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cells. Initially the subject of research and development, the fuel cell is now finding applications in the markets. Today, AREVA Energy Storage is a major industrial company operating in targeted high-potential markets.

Several markets on AREVA’s radar:

  • Stationary applications, to deal with local issues of power supply stability and hydrogen and oxygen supply.
  • Transportation applications, for captive fleets, such as road and sea freight, and "extreme" environments such as deep sea exploration.

AREVA a key player in hydrogen development programs

Working with a number of industrial companies and national research organizations in the hydrogen field, AREVA is involved in the following programs:

  • "Hydrogen and Fuel Cells" led by the Agence nationale pour la recherche (French national research agency): this ambitious program seeks to promote fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, as well as their applications in the motor industry.
  • Horizon Hydrogen Power (H2E): this program focuses on the experimental development and industrial deployment of fuel cell technology. It brings together French industrial groups, small and medium enterprises, and research laboratories.
  • Afhypac – Association française pour l’hydrogène et les piles à combustible (French association for hydrogen and fuel cells)
  • HyResponse: this European research program aims to create a training platform dedicated to hydrogen hazards.
  • PAN’H – Programme d’actions national pour l’hydrogène et les piles à combustible (French national program of actions in hydrogen and fuel cells)
  • Pôle Capénergies – Pôle Energies non génératrices de gaz à effet de serre (innovation cluster dedicated to the development of renewable forms of energy without greenhouse gas emissions) 

Certified and lasting activities

Based at the Europôle méditerranéen de l’Arbois in Aix en Provence, an cluster of activities devoted to the environment, AREVA Energy Storage has ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management certification. The company is an environmentally regulated facility (ICPE, Installation classée pour la protection de l’environnement) that listens to its stakeholders.

Since mid-2013, AREVA Energy Storage also has OHSAS 18001 occupational safety management certification.

Optimization of renewable energies

AREVA makes it possible to optimize the benefits of renewables.
With its Greenergy BoxTM, energy can be stored for later distribution in response to fluctuations in demand, especially during peak consumption periods.
AREVA is also able to produce hydrogen for industrial uses or alternative energy by water electrolysis. Hydrogen production is one of very few processes that does not emit any CO2.

AREVA Energy Storage

AREVA Energy Storage
Domaine du Petit Arbois
Bâtiment Jules Verne
13547 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 4, France
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