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Energy storage: a complementary solution to renewable energies

AREVA has over 10 years of experience in energy storage, particularly in the hydrogen field.

The group designs, manufactures and industrializes turnkey energy storage solutions and products to generate electricity with fuel cells and produce hydrogen by electrolysis.

Hydrogen and fuel cells are among the best solutions for adapting energy supply to demand. With their modular and scalable design, AREVA’s energy storage systems supply clean energy while adjusting to fluctuations in consumption.


AREVA, SMART ENERGIES via sa filiale CETH2 et l’ADEME sont à l’origine de la création d’AREVA H2-Gen, coentreprise visant à fabriquer des électrolyseurs par membrane à échange de protons. Cette technologie, dite « PEM » (Proton Exchange Membrane) permettra la production d’hydrogène à partir d’eau et d’électricité.

Destinée initialement aux applications industrielles, l’électrolyse PEM vise désormais le marché du stockage des énergies renouvelables afin d’alimenter en hydrogène les stations-service pour les véhicules à pile à combustible ou les réseaux de gaz naturel (« Power-to-Gas »).

  • Energy storage technologies
  • Hydrogen production

    Hydrogen production

    With a variety of energy storage applications, hydrogen meets the needs of energy suppliers for grid decentralization and flexibility.

    AREVA’s hydrogen production solutions are based on water electrolysis. The hydrogen produced can be used for:

    • Stationary applications: meeting local needs for continuous electrical power supply and hydrogen supply:
      • energy storage for renewable energies development
      • power-to-gas
      • industrial hydrogen production
    • Mobility applications: hydrogen as fuel for power grid deployment
      • power supply for clean vehicles (electrical and hydrogen)
    • Niche applications:
      • power supply for remote sites

  • Fuel cells

    Fuel cells

    Hydrogen can be stored for later reuse to generate electricity anywhere and at any time, efficiently and without necessarily being connected to a power grid. AREVA designs independent energy management systems that couple a water electrolyzer to hydrogen storage equipment.

    Used alone or in hybrid systems, fuel cells ensure the continuity of power supply over medium to long-term periods, even in severe environments.

    These technologies offer a response to specific needs, such as stationary applications for power supply:

    • Backup systems for strategic or critical applications (data centers, hospitals, telecom companies…)
    • Hybrid systems that combine hydrogen with other renewable energy sources: the hydrogen produced is stored for later conversion into electricity by the fuel cell during peak consumption.

    AREVA is exploring in other technologies, such as flow batteries and fly wheels, which offer many advantages:

    • Flow battery: fully automated charge/discharge management, scalable cycle and autonomy, cost-competitive solution.
    • Fly wheel: high responsiveness, high modularity, high cycle life without maintenance, ability to black start. This technology enables high power discharge in a short time for voltage and frequency regulation. 

AREVA 's energy storage solutions

  • Electrical backup system

AREVA’s backup system is a clean and silent solution that meets market demand for power supply autonomy and reliability. This technology provides backup power for critical sites and countries with grid reliability issues. 

  • Electrolyzer

AREVA’s electrolyzer technology is highly responsiveness and cyclable and can be coupled with renewable energy sources to produce clean energy. This system features an extended operating range at high pressure and an optimized footprint.

  • Greenergy Box™

AREVA’s Greenergy Box™ is the only device of its kind in the world. Consisting of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell, it stores hydrogen and oxygen generated by water electrolysis when power demand is low and recombines them to generate electricity when power demand is high.

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