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AREVA Wind: offshore wind energy

Group photo of AREVA Wind employees in front of a M5000 platform

A 100%-owned subsidiary of the group, AREVA Wind designs, assembles and commissions offshore wind turbines.

Its M5000 turbine (5MW) is the first wind turbine in the world designed using technology specifically developed exclusively for large-scale offshore wind parks.

Performing with gusto

AREVA Wind’s main production facility is based in Bremerhaven in North Germany, with a workforce of about 300 individuals. This plant is dedicated to the production of the M5000 wind turbine nacelles and hubs, which are then delivered directly at quayside.
The blade factory is located in Stade, close to Bremerhaven.

In that way, ideal preconditions for the transport to the offshore wind farms are created. The in-house team of experienced technicians installs all components of the nacelle and the hub, including the sensitive components of the drive train.

The maritime environment in Bremerhaven offers the best conditions for installation, service and maintenance of wind energy converters off the coast of Germany.
Today, Bremerhaven is held up as an example for the European offshore wind industry. Thanks to the support the city received to help it branch out into offshore wind, Bremerhaven alone has attracted half of the 500 million euros invested in the industry in the last few years.

A strong industrial strategy

Since 2000, AREVA has been developing, planning and producing the M5000, the first 5 MW wind energy converter designed exclusively for large-scale offshore wind parks. Highly qualified technicians - specialists from all areas of the wind energy sector – are working hand in hand with component suppliers.

This expertise combined with many years of experience results for AREVA in a powerful competitive edge, both in knowledge and technical know-how, which is consistently realized in production, commissioning, service and maintenance.

On the strength of this experience, it is now ready to develop an industrial base in France to meet the needs of the domestic market, and even the European market.


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