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AREVA Blades: design and manufacture blades for offshore wind turbine

A crane lifting a M5000 turbine platform manufactured by PN Rotor

The blades production facility is located in Stade, close to Bremerhaven, with a workforce of about 62 individuals.

This plant, acquired in 2009, is located at the mouth of the Elbe estuary in the vicinity of the port of Hamburg, serving directly the northern European waters.

AREVA Blades is the exclusive manufacturer of M5000 offshore turbine blades fixed on the rotor. These 56.5 meter long blades, specifically designed for the high seas are resistant to the most severe conditions.

AREVA Blades

AREVA Blades GmbH
Johann-Rathje-Köser-Straße 7
21683 Stade (Germany)