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Reactors and Services Business in brief

Gravelines nuclear power plants (France)

Reactors & Services designs and manufactures the two main types of reactors currently in use in the world: pressurized water reactors (PWR) and boiling water reactors (BWR). It also designs and manufactures naval propulsion reactors and research reactors.

In addition, it offers equipment and services for the operation, maintenance, upgrading and performance improvement of all types of nuclear power plants.

AREVA is the world’s leading nuclear reactor constructor in terms of installed capacity and is the leader in the heavy component replacement market for power plants.

Goals and outlook

Successfully complete construction of the first EPRTM reactors and mine lessons learned from them

Strengthen the Group’s offering with the ATMEA1 reactor and the KERENA reactor

Ensure the security of the supply chain for reactor construction

Continue building expertise in reactor services and offer innovative integrated services

Plan for the reactors of the future by participating in international Research & Development programs

Interrelated businesses

Sale revenue 2014

New Builds

This Business Unit is in charge of the design, construction and commissioning of pressurized water reactors (PWR) and boiling water reactors (BWR). AREVA has built more than 100 reactors. AREVA is the first vendor in the world to have received orders for new generation III+ reactors since 1999.



The Equipment business involves the design and manufacturing of key components of the nuclear island: heavy components, mobile components and large-scale forgings.


Installed Base

The Installed Base Business Unit supplies innovative, integrated solutions to service and upgrade power plants and improve their performance. It also provides engineering services and instrumentation & control systems (I&C).


Nuclear Measurements

The Nuclear Measurements business manufactures and supplies critical radiation detection and measurement systems and facility monitoring systems.


Products & Technologies

The Products & Technologies business offers and manages a portfolio of key technologies and reactor systems, defines safety principles, and handles certification with the safety regulators. It is also in charge of laboratories and testing facilities.


AREVA TA / Propulsion and research reactors

With AREVA TA, this Business Division offers for more than 40 years its technological expertise and engineering solutions in low-power nuclear reactors.

It proposes to its customers mainly in the defense and civil nuclear sectors, engineering solutions adapted to the highest safety standards and to high availability requirements. It is in charge of design, construction, operation and maintenance in operational conditions of low-power nuclear reactors for naval propulsion, research and energy production.

An international market

Sale revenue 2014

AREVA has gained a considerable lead today in building the world’s first generation III+ reactors, giving it an advantageous position in every market.

In Europe, the Group has a historically strong presence in France and Germany. It has also developed business with major operators in other countries. In particular, AREVA plans to take a large share of new power plant construction in the United Kingdom.

The United States, which has the world’s largest installed base, is also a growth engine for the Reactors & Services Business Group. The Group is a leader in that country’s services sector and has conquered considerable market share in heavy equipment replacements at operating power reactors as well as in the upgrade and lifecycle extension of instrumentation & control systems.

Asia becomes a major axis of developpment of Business Group where the main accessible markets are situated in China, South Korea and India.