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Dulaan Uul, East zone, Mongolia.

(Updated September 2015)

Present in Mongolia since 1997, the group is represented by three companies which exercise their activities in compliance with the Mongol Mine Law and Nuclear Energy Law.

AREVA Mongol, the parent company

In 2007, AREVA bought the East Asia Minerals Energy company, which was renamed AREVA Mongol in March 2008. AREVA Mongol is in charge of business development and all aspects of cooperation with national and local authorities. Its headquarter is located in Ulaan Baatar.

In December 2009, AREVA signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) concerning Mitshubishi's financial participation in uranium exploration in Mongolia, giving the company the option of acquiring a 34 % interest in AREVA Mongol. 

In November 2011, MC exercised this option to acquire an equity interest in AREVA Mongol, becoming a financial partner in the project. Mitsubishi’s entry was validated by the Mongolian government and took place in October 2013.

COGEGOBI for exploration

The exploration activities began in 1997 with the creation of a dedicated joint-venture COGEGOBI LLC, 70% owned by AREVA and 30% by GOBIGEO LLC, an exploration and drilling company also active in coal and in fluorite production in Mongolia.

COGEGOBI LLC was established to carry out geological and exploration work with a view to identifying prospective areas of uranium concentration, in accordance with the Laws on Minerals and Nuclear Energy adopted by the Mongolian parliament.

Since 2009, COGEGOBI has been fully owned by AREVA Mongol LLC.

AREVA Mines LLC for operation

AREVA Mines LLC is the joint company between AREVA (66%) and MON-ATOM (34%), that will be dedicated to mining activities according to licensees granted by the Mongolian State Administrative Authority in charge of geological and mining issues.

MON-ATOM was designated by the State Property Committee as the Mongolian State-owned company to be the partner in AREVA Mines LLC.

All 3 companies (AREVA Mongol, COGEGOBI and AREVA Mines) exercise their activities in compliance with Mongolian regulations especially the Law on Minerals and, Nuclear Energy under the authority of the Nuclear Energy Agency, and environmental law under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia.


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