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AREVA's renewable energy activities in the world

Man at the Alpha Ventus wind farm site

AREVA’s renewables business is a core component of the group's industrial strategy. It covers four different areas: offshore wind, bioenergy, concentrated solar power (CSP) and energy storage.

This diversified portfolio established the group as a major player in low-carbon power generation solutions and a leader in renewable energies.

Photograph of the AREVA Multibrid team

AREVA restructures its operations in renewable energies by entering into partnerships in promising markets, such as offshore wind.

Photograph of a biomass plant

AREVA is helping to convert agricultural and forestry by-products, from risk husks to sugar cane, into useful energy.

A thermal solar plant

AREVA supplies integrated CSP solutions based on CLFR, the most reliable, cost-effective and land-efficient solar technology.

A student at the experiment bench developed by AREVA

A key player in the energy transition, AREVA develops and industrializes clean power solutions for power generation with fuel cells and energy management and storage via the production of hydrogen by electrolysis.

CSP Solar plant

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