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AIRE: an innovative technology

FIATECH 2014 CETI Award Winner

In the new world of capital projects, industry sectors - including nuclear energy, oil & gas, petrochem or transportation - need to move information from one place to another, with high quality, reliability, and without regard to what tools that information was created in. Companies must be able to adapt their information exchange programs quickly and easily.

That’s why AREVA has developed the platform AIRE (AREVA Interoperability Real time Environment): a solution dedicated to interoperability.

Many years of effort

Since 2011 and within the framework of the NPPLMi program (Nuclear Power Plant Life Cycle Management initiative), AREVA has been working on the definition and the development of the AIRE platform. AREVA has been active in the international community with organizations such as FIATECH to ensure that AIRE’s technology is fully compliant with international requirements.

Solving the interoperability challenge is not easy, but real progress is being made to standardize how the technical information for a large capital project is represented, and to facilitate exchanges between stakeholders working together on a given EPC project (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

After two years of Research and Development, AREVA has developed the AIRE solution dedicated to practical interoperability.

A solution dedicated to interoperability

The purpose of the AIRE platform is, for illustration, to allow for data to be exchanged between partners on a project who do not use the same design methods and tools. It allows for the quality of data to be verified and validated before and during automated data exchange.

Information in a large project comes from many places and sources

Information in a large project comes from many places and sources
AIRE capitalizes on AREVA’s experience as an EPC, supplier and owner/operator of large facilities, and adds a web-semantics based software solution adaptable to many business environments and use cases, offering practical interoperability based solutions.

At the core of this progress is the use of internationally recognized neutral standards which do not rely on a single software editor, but offer real “neutral” information exchange. The ISO15926 standard, which targets the interoperability of technical information of process plants, is one such standard which AIRE supports.

Tested on several AREVA projects and already recognized internationally as a technological innovation, AREVA’s AIRE solution enables companies to collaborate and exchange information more efficiency, with lower life-time cost, and with higher quality and consistency. AREVA will formally launch AIRE as a commercial solution beginning in 2015.

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AIRE at work

AREVA’s AIRE platform assists companies to leverage the power of their information, and their partner’s information.

AIRE helps to solve this interoperability problem in multiple ways:

  • Offering engineering consulting services to help companies develop and identify the business cases, and potential financial returns, for deploying interoperability solutions using neutral data standards.
  • Offering technical consultancy and tools to help companies examine and improve their existing information management systems to develop technical solutions to integrate, manage and deliver information internally and externally.
  • Offering information management strategies to secure information over the life-cycle of facilities, whether 10, 20 or even 100 years, without reliance on a single software editor.

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Functional Details

Automated migration of P&IDs from an AutoCad based tool to a Visio based tool using ISO-15926 and AIRE

The AIRE Platform has been developed to support multiple interoperability standards beyond ISO15926, but with a focus on commercial, practical application and support. AIRE is capable of managing diverse and multi-level interoperability scenarios, enabling partners with many levels of “interoperability maturity” to collaborate seamlessly.

Functional details of AIRE are following:

  • Collaborative data modeling editor for ISO-15926 mapping speeds up development of interoperability models
  • Web-based portal allows access to information from any authorized location.
  • Demonstrated 1d data handover and P&ID to P&ID conversion use cases available
  • Flexible database connectors permit browsing of multiple information sources, even with different data models.
  • Configurable and reusable business rules enable validation of data deliveries before acceptance.
  • Designed to meet stringent cyber-security requirements.
  • Designed to interact with other ISO-15926 compliant technologies using file exchange or SPARQL query
  • Designed to quickly and rapidly add new connectors on demand

To know more

- visit the FIATECH website for more information on the pursuit of interoperability globally

- ask for more information if you are interested in the AIRE technology for your company


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