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Greenergy Box™ in Myrte, Corsica, France

The Greenergy Box™, an energy storage and management system developed by AREVA, has been installed in May 2014 at the MYRTE test platform at the University of Corsica’s Vignola site in Ajaccio Corsica. It enhances the existing installation, which has been in operation since early 2013, and increases the grid output from the energy stored in hydrogen to 150 kW, strengthening the quality and reliability of grid operations.

Jointly developed by AREVA, the Environmental Sciences Laboratory of the University of Corsica Pascal Paoli/CNRS, and the CEA, the project is certified by the Capenergies competitiveness cluster and is co-funded by the government of Corsica, the French State and the European Union. 

Since January 2012, the MYRTE platform has connected photovoltaic solar panels, with an output of 560 kW, to a hydrogen-based storage system. By joining the power grid, this provides a solution to the problem of intermittency and makes it one of the rare installations in the world with this type of coupling.

Composed of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell, the Greenergy Box™ increases the potential storage of the electricity produced. The new system also offers greater flexibility for grid operations and gives the research teams at the University of Corsica, in association with the CNRS and the CEA, the opportunity to plan and test various energy management scenarios.   

The ultimate goal is to develop the most effective operating modes to integrate decentralized electricity from renewables into island power grids and to help make the grids more reliable.


Myrte platform solves storage challenges for renewable energy

The Myrte platform was designed 2006 and installed 2011 by AREVA, the University of Corsica, the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Commission of Nuclear and Renewable Energies (CEA).

La Croix Valmer

Following a competitive bidding process, the AREVA group was awarded a contract by the city of La Croix Valmer in southeastern France to supply an energy storage system.

AREVA will install an innovative industrial energy storage system, the Greenergy Box™, developed with the backing of Bpifrance (the French agency for technology innovation), as part of the Horizon Hydrogen Energy (H2E) program.

The Greenergy Box™ in La Croix Valmer will be connected to photovoltaic panels installed on a public building for 35 kWe of peak power. It will be used to offset dips in power generation or to provide backup power supply in the event of an outage.

It will be installed in the last quarter of 2014. Funding partners include the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azure region, ADEME (the French environmental and energy management agency) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project will build on operating experience from the MYRTE platform, which has demonstrated the effectiveness of hydrogen solutions in real-world environments.

Aix en Provence

Power backup system, Aix en Provence, France

In June 2012, AREVA inaugurated the first fuel-cell-operated power backup system connected to a data center at its Aix-en-Provence site. AREVA’s 30 kWe system is based on innovative technology presenting a number of advantages, including low CO2 emissions. It is also more reliable than standard backup solutions and requires very little maintenance.

Partnership with Schneider Electric

The Greenergy Box™

In February 2014, AREVA and Schneider Electric signed a strategic partnership agreement to develop energy management and storage solutions based on hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Under the terms of this agreement, both groups will pool their expertise to design and offer energy storage solutions that boost power grid reliability for isolated sites and areas with limited access to electricity.

AREVA will offer its Greenergy Box™ energy storage solution, consisting of an electrolyzer and fuel cell.

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