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Enrichment operations around the world

The Enrichment business unit's operations are located at the Tricastin nuclear site in France’s Drôme and Vaucluse departments and near Idaho Falls in the US state of Idaho. New AREVA carries out 2 industrial uranium enrichment processes at these locations: gaseous diffusion and centrifugation.

EURODIF Production's Georges Besse enrichment plant

EURODIF Production: natural uranium enrichment

On the Tricastin site, EURODIF performs uranium enrichment at the Georges Besse plant.

Wide-angle view of the Tricastin site

SOCATRI: from dismantling to waste treatment

SOCATRI carries out the dismantling and maintenance of nuclear equipment, as well as the management and treatment of industrial or nuclear waste.

Control room at the Georges Besse enrichment plant

EURODIF S.A.: : uranium enrichment

Located on the Tricastin site, EURODIF S.A. is the owner of the Georges Besse plant. Its subsidiary, EURODIF Production, handles operations.

Construction of the Georges Besse II plant in November 2009

Société d'Enrichissement du Tricastin (SET)

SET is the contracting owner of the new Georges Besse II plant construction project. It will subsequently be the plant operator.

Depiction of the US enrichment facility, Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility

Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility is the name given to New AREVA's uranium enrichment plant project near Idaho Falls in the US state of Idaho.